Spanish Verb Ser- To Be

The following table shows the conjugations of the verb ser in the present tense.
Singular SubjectPlural Subject
Yo (I)soyNosotros/as (we)somos
Tú (familiar you)eresVosotros/as (familiar you)sois
Ud., él, ella (polite you, he, she)esUds, ellos, ellas (you, them)son
Drop the Subject
Each conjugation is so precise that you usually don't need to include a subject at all! In Spanish you can simply say the verb:
  • Soy de España
  • Eres joven
  • Somos de Nueva Zelanda
Spanish Verb Ser – Whose it is and where you're from
The word "de" is widely used with the verb ser. It means "of" when used to indicate possession and "from" when used to indicate origin.
Por ejemplo:
  1. ¿De quién es el zapato?
    —Whose shoe is this?
    (Literally: Of whom is this shoe?)
  2. El zapato es de Mateo
    —It is Matthew's shoe
    (Literally: The shoe is of Matthew.)
  3. Esos son los pasaportes de mis padres
    —Those are my parents' passports
    (Literally: Those are the passports of my parents.)
  4. ¿De dónde es Eduardo?
    —Where does Edward come from?
    (Literally: From where is Edward?)
  5. Eduardo es de España
    —Edward is from Spain