Ser and Estar: Uses "2"

This lesson examines the other Spanish verb for "to be": estar.

Estar is used to express geographic or physical locations.
¿Dónde estás?
Where are you?
Estoy en el restaurant
I'm in the restaurant
¿Dónde está Venezuela?
Where's Venezuela?
Venezuela está en América del Sur.
Venezuela is in South America.

Estar is used with adjectives to express a state or condition ("how" something is).
¿Cómo está la carne?
How's the meat?
La carne está fría.
The meat is cold.
¿Cómo estás tú?
How are you?
Estoy muy bien, gracias.
I am very well, thanks.

Estar is used with many idiomatic expressions. These are just a few.

estar de acuerdo
to be in agreement
estar de pie
to be standing
estar en camino
to be on the way

Estar is used with the progressive tenses. 
¿Qué estás comiendo?
What are you eating?
Estoy comiendo arroz.
I am eating rice.

Let's review. Estar is used to express:
  1. geographic or physical location
  2. state or condition
  3. many idiomatic expressions
  4. progressive tenses